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Sensei Gerard Tiger has been a establish Martial arts program for over 20 yrears of experience and training.  We are  community driven school with our Services, we have been providing to help change the lives of children and adults .  Sensei Gerard Tiger Started teaching Martial Arst at community centers and  YMCA's, since 1989 and then opening up the Grand Concourse Dojo located in the Fordham section of the bronx NYC.  Sensei also formally was Head Martial Arst instuctor for lifestyle fintness centers NC for 4 years where he continues to teach this awsome brand of Martial ats.​​
We are now estabish at our professional studio 
616 Union Chapel Rd.   Pembroke NC 28372 .
The Program has been establish over 20 years and Still growing Strong.  With Our Commitment in todays health awareness in our youth and building leaders in their communities. We belive in our Youth changing the world one black belt at time .. Come down Check  US Out!!!!
For hundreds of Years Marial Arts Schools have been estabished and with the Arts being around for so long it has Changed in to more of Sport than a killing art that which it was design to be. 

                Martial Arts Whther it be Karate, Kung Fu, or MMA it will continue to change.  Sensei Gerard Tiger believes that growth and Change is it's strongest values.  No one Art or Combat method is better or worse than the other.  Continuing change is what must take place for the growth of it's development.  Students will learn the meaning of Martial Arts and Self discipline. through hard work and vigorous training we have a fun and family-orientaed Program.  Sensei believes our Martial Arts Program is the key to in developing our children Today's character development.  COME IN CHECK US OUT!!!

616 Union Chapel Rd Pembroke NC 28372

Martial Arts has been evolving for thousands of years. Today Martial Arts is a sport but it still has it's core fighting back ground.  Sensei Gerard Tiger believes in The


Sensei Gerard Tiger has been a student of Martial Arts since 1982 and teaches his Style of an Mixed Style of Kenpo Karate. The Students studies the teachings of Master Gerard Tiger. This is the modern form of Karate formed of three main parts,  which forms the basics, Kata which is a pattern of moves and Kumite which is sparring.

 Sensei Gerard  Tiger is an 7th Dan black belt and has been offering classes since the 90's to both children and adults.

Physical Conditioning:  Most classes begin with warm-ups like Jumping Jacks, running and Stretching. Most classes also practice basics.  Physical condition improves strength, stamina, flexibility and Balance cordination.
While becoming proficient in The Martial Arts is a commitment, the Benfits you will receive are many! 

Improved Fitness
Improved Discipline
Imporoved Confidence
Stress Relief

Improved Memory  Through Forms and Katas
Improved Focus:  Through training you will learn how to manage your emotions by controlling on what it is you focus your attention on, and how you focus your attention
The Core of Sensei Gerard Tiger 
Martial Art:

Phyical Conditioning
Forms ( Katas)
Sparring( Kumtie)
Self - Defense

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  1. Sensei with Grandmaster Victor Moore
    Sensei with Grandmaster Victor Moore
  2. JIMMY little Tiger
    JIMMY little Tiger
  3. Ready to Fight
    Ready to Fight
  4. Ransey Warrior Spirit
    Ransey Warrior Spirit
  5. Don't Let the Smile fool You
    Don't Let the Smile fool You
  6. SENSEI With the Students
    SENSEI With the Students